Our Newman Student Interns are the vital leaders of the Newman Student Catholic Community. They are in charge of planning and coordinating all student activities at Newman. 
One of the objectives presented by Empowered by the Spirit, the U.S. Bishops’ document on campus ministry, is training future leaders. That is also the goal of these internships.
Who is eligible?
You need to be:
  • a student of the College at Brockport 
  • an active member of the Newman Catholic Community
There are two kinds of Newman Student Internships: 
Student Ministry Staff Internships and Student Volunteer Internships.

Student Ministry Staff Interns are in charge of the four main areas of Newman Campus Ministry:
  • Faith Life--the Spiritual area of our community
  • Faith In Action--Social Service/Social Justice
  • Faith Sharing--Evangelization and Outreach
  • Faith Community--building a strong student Catholic Community through fun and social activities
These four interns are actually part of the Newman Campus Ministry Staff. They recieve a small stipend each semester ($100)., and have a time commitment of about 5 hours a week.
Since these are intended to be work-study internships, each intern also does an informal research project about some area of interest. (Informal=no papers--you just share what you've learned with other interns and/or students.)

Student Volunteer Interns
These internships involve organizing one (or more) activity per semester in the area of your interest. Volunteer Interns may collaborate with the Student Ministry Staff Interns or independently. In either case, they attend one Intern meeting per week. All the Interns usually work together, supporting each other's projects.
The time commitment for these internships is 1-3 hours per week.
Whether you're a Dance major or in Business, or anywhere in between--you'll find an area that interests you. And if you have an iidea that  isn't on the list, discuss  it with Margot to set something  up!
Here they are:

Student Ministry Staff Internships
  • all Student Interns meet weekly with Margot and Deacon Larry
  • All Student Ministry Staff Interns attend Lunch With the Lord if their schedule permits.
  • Attendance at Sunday Mass at Newman is both a prerequisite for internship and an expectation of all interns.
 1. Faith in Action Student Ministry Internship
You select specific areas to focus on--some possibilieies are:
  • Work with Deacon Larry on Fair Trade Sale in the Fall and Lenten Operation Rice Bowl.
  • Organize one activity or project each semester. Intern may pick an area of service to focus on and develop, or may engage in short-term one-time activities like Fair Trade Sale, food collection for shelf, etc.
  • Help discover or organize available Ministry Trips during semester breaks, work with staff to enable students to participate. (Contact other Campus Ministries in Rochester to find out what they have available that we might participate in).
  • Announce the monthly Amnesty Actions at Mass
  • Help staff the Campus Ministry Table in the Student Union as schedule permits
  • Help publicize and recruit students for social justice activities such as the Ecumenical Clothing Shelf, Amnesty International Actions, Fr. Damien’s School for Girls in Tanzania, etc.
  • Meet with the Social Justice Committee once a month to represent student interests and activities….
  • Intern will pick one area per semester to research and develop, along with support of Deacon Larry and/or Campus Minister.

2. Faith Life Student  Ministry Internship
You select specific areas to focus on--some possibilieies are::
  • Finding Faith: program for people who are interested in becoming Catholic, being confirmed or baptized, or curious about the Catholic Church.
  • Intern will attend sessions, assist Margot in planning, co-facilitate discussions and be a “buddy” to students preparing to receive sacraments.
  • Christian Life Community: organize and coordinate a weekly faith sharing group either at the Newman Center or in the dorms.
  • Liturgy:  scheduling lectors, communion ministers and sacristans for the 7:30 student Mass, and sending them reminders each week; helping to plan and publicize liturgies. Help organize a student Liturgy Committee to plan liturgies, give homily feedback, etc.
  • Prayer: co-ordinate one weekly student prayer or Rosary group
  • Retreats--​-Coordinate students to help plan, organize and publicize retreats.
  • Outreach—assist with staff ministry table in student Union.
  • Intern will pick one area per semester to research and develop, along with support of Campus Minister, in the areas of spirituality, liturgy and/or outreach.

3. Evangelization and Outreach Student Ministry Internship
You select specific areas to focus on--some possibilieies are:
  • Welcome table—be present at (and/or recruit students to staff) tables at Move-In Weekend and New/Accepted Student days.
  • Information table: organize and help staff a table in the Union and/or dining halls with information about Newman and the Catholic Faith.
  • Organize and work with Christian Life intern to implement an outreach program to invite Catholic students who are inactive
  • With other interns, manage Newman Facebook page
  • Publicize Newman events –flyers, Facebook posts, etc.
  • ​Peer Mentoring/Ministry
    • ​Work with Interns and Campus Minister to develop Peer Mentoring for new students
    • Work with Interns and Campus Minister to develop Peer Ministry for dorms and Townhouses
  • Where possible, publicize Newman Events in Dorms and Townhouses.
  • Work with staff and Interns to develop outreach to inactive students
  • Intern will pick one area per semester to research and develop, along with support of Campus Minister, in areas of Evangelization, Scripture, Theology or Outreach.
  • Intern will pick one area to research and develop, along with support of Campus Minister, in the areas of evangelization, spirituality, theology or relevant field of interest.

4.  Faith Community (Social Activity) Student Ministry Intern.
   IYou identify social activities which Newman students would like and work with Margot and the other Ministry Staff and Interns to plan and organize. The goal is to help form a community of Catholic students.  Responsibilities will include:
  • Organize at least three social events per semester
  • With other interns, manage Newman Facebook page
  • Publicize Newman events –flyers, Facebook posts, etc.
  • Work with Hospitality Committee to involve students (eg, as hosts/greeters at Sunday evening refreshments)
  • Organize and schedule student greeters for Sunday night Masses, assist with organization and scheduling of student ministers, etc.
  • Get in touch with other Campus Ministries in the area to find out/organize inter-campus social events
  • ​Contact other Catholic Campus Ministries in Rochester area to find out what retreats they have that we might participate in or help organize an inter-collegiate retreat
  • Participate in Peer Mentoring for new students
  • Reach out to other organizations on campus—Greeks, athletics, etc—who might be interested in participating in Newman activities.
  • (With other Interns) organize a concert or special speaker each year.
  • Outreach--Help staff  information table in Student union if schedule permits
  • Keep Ministry Staff (Margot and Deacon Larry) informed about events, music, etc which they should be aware of.
  • Intern will pick one area to research and develop, along with support of Campus Minister, in the areas of evangelization, spirituality, theology or relevant field of interest.
Newman Student Volunteer Internships
Newman Student Interns will be responsible for organizing at least one event in their area per semester. If their schedule permits, all Interns will attend Lunch With the Lord on Sundays. And, of course, attendence at Sunday Mass is expected of all Interns.
Here are some areas for you: 
Consistent ethic of life
  • Catholic teaching urges respect for/protection of human life at all stages from conception to natural death.  CEI intern will organize one local volunteer opportunity  (in Brockport or Rochester) per  semester, and will organize one talk/seminar /discussion of the full spectrum of life issues per year.
  • Volunteer contacts/opportunities might include
    • Link with Birthright to find volunteer opportunities/ways to assist young women who are pregnant or have children—and publicize the organization at Newman and on campus
    • Link with Aurora House hospice in Spencerport to find volunteer opportunities for students.
Care for Creation
  • Care for Creation is one of the less well-known areas of Catholic social teaching, and the Vatican has announced that pope Francis will issue a Papal Encyclical on it this year.  The CFC Intern will organize at least one volunteer CFC event per semester, and at least one “teach-in”, presentation or discussion per year.
Interfaith Dialogue
  • In a pluralistic society such as ours, it is essential for Catholics to dialogue with people of other faiths in a respectful manner while standing firm in their own faith. This entails learning about other faiths, as well as going more deeply into our own. 
Intercollegiate events
  • Contact and partner with other Newman Centers at nearby Colleges (particularly RIT, U of R and Roberts Wesleyan) to plan and attend one joint event per semester: these can be mixers, retreats, social night, presentation/workshop, etc….
  • Recruit and schedule student greeters during the semester: work with the hospitality committee to plan/organize events, publicize them to students and encourage students to join the committee….
  • Work with Jim Neary, Newman’s Music Minister, to find interested students and to help select and perform music that is appealing to students
 Liturgical Dance
  • Lead the Liturgical Dance Team: find interested students and plan dance at Newman Liturgies for Holy Week, Homecoming Weekend, special events and other times.
  • Work with the Finance Committee and interested students to develop one fundraising event for the Newman Center each semester.
Athletic Outreach
  • Outreach to sports teams—publicize Newman events and activities, invite athletes to volunteer opportunities, help organize one program, activity, or liturgy for sports teams each semester
 ​Newman Historian
  • Update Newman History archives—digitize old and new articles, photos and information, compile lists and pictures of current and former Newman staff and members, create displays in Gathering space for special events.
Special Project Interns
  • Is there an area of church life you’d like to explore, or a project/activity you’d like to organize? This is your chance! Talk with Margot to set up an internship for that area.


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