New Events:


*Saturday, August 26---Saturday of Service  1:30-3 PM
*Sunday, August 27--Welcome Mass, 11 Am --refreshments afterwards

Sunday, Sept 11 12:30 --Fall Picnic outside Newman (
rain? Inside Newman House!)
Saturday, Sept. 16, 9am-noon --"Staying Power: Spiritual practices for tough times (or any time)"
  How do you stay calm when stress and busyness threaten to overwhelm you? The spiritual practices of many faith traditions offer a toolbox from which students and busy professionals alike can draw to keep your center when all around you is chaos.
We will explore some of these practices for you to sample and experience. These are practices common to many traditions which can be used by anyone to deal with stress and to help you be a calming an compassionate presence to others as well

Oct 22--Homecoming Mass honoring this year''s Newman Scholars
All month--staffing the Brockport Ecumenical Clothing Shelf

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY--October is our month to staff the Ecumenical clothing Shelf thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Stay tuned for more information!

Here's more:
  • RCIA--If you are interested in being confirmed, becoming Catholic or just getting more information about the Catholic Faith, contact Margot.
  • Come to Mass at 11:30 AM on Sunday and join us afterwards for our great Newman Refreshments with a chance to meet the staff, students and community.
  • Then join us for Lunch With the Lord at 1:00.  Meet other Brockport Catholic Students, get to know our Student Interns, have pizza and great conversation aboout faith, life on campus and anything else you're interested in.
And always--Every Exam Week: Exam Week Soup Suppers! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 5-7 PM in Newman House---great, free home-cooked food (pasta, soup, casseroles, salads, homemade bread, desserts and more).

Cor ad Cor Loquitur
"Heart Speaks to Heart"
                                         ~Cardinal John Henry Newman

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